Roll Sealing Machines - Gandus Miniro H-Net Evo Fully Automatic Sealing Device with Printer

Gandus Miniro H-Net Evo Fully Automatic Sealing Device with Printer

The device is fully automatic, has printer and photocell. It has energy saving system, if the roll is not placed for a time longer than 10 seconds, it stops the motor, when a new roll is placed, the device starts to run automatically again. Thanks to its LCD display, required temperatures can be adjusted and thanks to the thermo regulator in the device, it provides a high level temperature control, and also thanks to Dot-Matrix printer integrated into the device, the information such as production and expiry date, operator name, lot number can be printed on the rolls. It can keep the last use settings in its memory. The settings can be maintained by the passport created by the user and can give the information of how many sealing has been performed. Scart port located at the rear of the device establishes the connection of printing/sealing mechanism with external units such as barcode printer, PC, palmtop computer, optical scanner. The device delivers outstanding performance and high degree of protection with its multiple barriers sealing at a thickness of 15 mm and speed of 10 m per minute. (Please contact us for your requests for product-related detailed information and demos.)

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