Steam Floor and Surface Dis. Device - SANIVAP Steam Surface Cleaning and Disinfection Device

SANIVAP Steam Surface Cleaning and Disinfection Device

Sanivap device is a medical device providing the cleaning and disinfection of floors and surfaces by steaming at high temperature and high pressure. For that purpose, only the use of tap water is sufficient. Thanks to its outstanding properties and patented technology, the product can carry out the cleaning and disinfection process by only using water and achieves saving by reducing the disinfection cost of your unit considerably, also it removes the misuses of disinfectants depending on user-related concentration. The device, which has different pressure settings and different surface apparatus for different surfaces, provides an effective using facility thanks to its portable and mobile property. The performance of the device has also been supported by clinical studies and registered.   (Please contact us for your requests for product-related detailed information and demos.)

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